November 2019 1 mins read

The Challenges of Taking Open Source Cloud Foundry to Production


A recording of the talk given at Cloud Foundry Summit Europe 2019 in Den Haag, Netherlands.



When committing to Cloud Foundry some companies make the strategic decision to take full ownership of platform deployment and operations and deploy open source Cloud Foundry to fully understand all moving parts. While open-source Cloud Foundry has gotten rather easy to delpoy with the cf-deployment project, there is still a lot of more to do in order to make an open-source deployment production ready.

This talk will show the challenges we’ve gone through in taking open-source Cloud Foundry to production. We’ll see what it takes to run and keep the platform up to date including various operational aspects such as monitoring, logging and backing up the platform. After the talk you’ll have a better understanding of the effort it takes to run the open source distribution.