May 2019 1 mins read

Blasting Through the Clouds: Automating Cloud Foundry with Concourse CI



Cloud Foundry has an extremly high release velocity with new versions being available multiple times every week for a usual deployment. It is important for operators to deploy these releases in a timely manner in order to keep up with security patches and feature improvements. Commonly, there is not only one Cloud Foundry deployment to be kept up to date, but rather a couple of different stages that need to be upgraded in a specific order, for example from a sandbox to a development to a production environment.

Automation is key to keep up to date with Cloud Foundry’s release velocity and Concourse CI is the continuous thing-doer of choice to do this honorable task. In this talk we’ll first get to know Concourse CI basics and then see how we can leverage Concourse to automate staged platform updates for Pivotal Cloud Foundry. With pcf-automation being sunsetted in favor of PCF Automation we’ll have a look at how we can tailor upgrade pipelines to suit different needs all while keeping the thrust at high pace to blast through the clouds!