Occasionally I have given talks on meetups or conferences. Find here a selection of the talks I gave.

The Challenges of Taking Open Source Cloud Foundry to Production

When committing to Cloud Foundry some companies make the strategic decision to take full ownership of platform deployment and operations and deploy open source Cloud Foundry to fully understand all moving parts. While open-source Cloud Foundry has gotten rather easy to delpoy with the cf-deployment project, there is still a lot of more to do in order to make an open-source deployment production ready. This talk will show the challenges we’ve gone through…

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Cloud Foundry - A Platform for Everyone

Cloud Foundry is a cloud application platform that makes it faster and easier to build, test, deploy and scale applications. The platform is recently being adopted by lots of companies to securely host thousands of applications while at the same time reducing operational burden for developers significantly. The platform is equipped with…

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Quo Vadis Netflix Stack?

Netflix dürfte für die meisten als Streaming-Dienstleister bekannt sein. Viele Entwickler erfreuen sich an den Open-Source Werkzeugen wie Eureka für Service-Discovery und Hystrix für Resilience. Dementsprechend gilt Netflix auch als Pionier rund um die Themen Microservices und Betrieb. Mit Hilfe von Spring Cloud Netflix ist es möglich durch wenige…

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Blasting Through the Clouds: Automating Cloud Foundry with Concourse CI

Cloud Foundry has an extremly high release velocity with new versions being available multiple times every week for a usual deployment. It is important for operators to deploy these releases in a timely manner in order to keep up with security patches and feature improvements. Commonly, there is not only one Cloud Foundry deployment…

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