July 2016 1 mins read

Leveraging Palladio for Performance Awareness in the IETS3 Integrated Specification Environment

This paper is published in the Symposium on Software Performance 2016. It is a short paper on the topic of my master’s thesis.


Performance is an important concern when designing and implementing software-intensive systems. Various techniques are available for specifying and evaluating performance concerns throughout the system life-cycle. However, there is a gap in terms of tooling when moving between requirements, design, and implementation artifacts. We address this gap by integrating simulation-based and analytical performance prediction tools into IETS3 - an integrated specifi cation environment for technical software systems based on the JetBrains MPS language workbench. In this paper, we provide an overview of our work in progress on integrating performance awareness support into the IETS3 editor and user interface. We leverage Palladio’s prediction infrastructure by transforming to Palladio’s modeling language to obtain performance predictions, which are then fed back into the IETS3 user interface. The approach yields a tight integration of the requirements and the design of a system strengthened by a real-time feedback loop.


You may download a copy of the paper here:

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