2009 - October 2011 1 mins read


When I was in the final year in high school I was involved in the team to create the yearbook. This had always been done using printed questionnaires to gather the data for a personal page for each student in the yearbook and lots of manual effort to digitize them. I thought it was a lot easier to gather the data online and developed a platform to collect the data. As everyone used the platform for the yearbook, I soon started to implement other useful collaboration features and the platforms functionality grew. With rising complexity I learned a lot of software engineering best practices the hard way :-)

The platform is built with PHP as a Zend Framework application. The user experience in the frontend at the time was improved with jQuery. Doctrine ORM is used to persist the data in a MySQL database.

After finishing high school, I generalized some of the features and launched the platform on dein-abiportal.de. After starting my studies in software engineering, I decided to discontinue the project due to lack of time to further develop and market the platform.