Documenting Architecture Decisions

Take a moment and think of a big architectural decision you made in your last project. That one point were you started just with the problem description and had to choose either to go one way to solve it or the other. That was a tough decision to make, right? Now, can you know show me based on what…

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Building a Living Style Guide with Brunch

Living style guides are a wonderful way to document and develop living style guides. There are a number of frameworks and frontend build systems that can be used to setup a project for a living style guide. In the meantime I have built quite a number of living style guides and have since found a…

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How to Develop a Living Style Guide

Living style guides are a very powerful tool to write clean SCSS code. They simplify the design and implementation of reusable components. On top, you have a very consistent and easy to test style for the web application(s) using the style guide. In fact, a style guide is so easy to develop that I…

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Mastering CSS

If you are like most programmers, you don't think of CSS as a programming language. It's a description language, it describes the look of elements on a website. While developing your next super-cool web application you describe the visuals using CSS and it feels like you are writing a book instead…

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