Forwardspective: A Retrospective to Shape the Future

Retrospectives are great! It's a simple and structured methodology to critically assess the most recent performance in a certain period of time. Developers know it, and good scrum teams keep on improving with retrospectives to become better and better. According to the Scrum guidelines, a…

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Always Tackle the Biggest Challenge First

Have you ever worked on a software project and it got more and more complex the longer you worked on it? You started building some features, but once you got to the heart of the big task that has an important business impact, the code already got so complex that you struggle to implement the most…

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How to Learn Anything

Learning is awesome! Learning something new has so many benefits I can't even list them all. First and foremost you grow personally. Learning teaches you to deal with setbacks and successes, fosters your interest in various topics and trains your willpower and endurance. From a social perspective…

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