Migrating a GitLab Omnibus Deployment to Docker

Containerization simplifies IT operations and nearly all standard software can be deployed in a container environment. Until today, I have operated GitLab as an omnibus installation. While Omnibus already greatly simplifies the deployment experience, there still needs to be done and configured a…

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Backing up a QNAP NAS With restic to Backblaze B2

Easy, fast and end-to-end encrypted backup of a QNAP NAS stored in the cloud at a fair price? Absolutely! Meet restic an open-source backup software with a great concept that many people trust. Paired with Backblaze B2, an affordable S3 storage, this makes a perfect combination for setting up an…

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Running openHAB on a QNAP NAS with Docker

I have recently decided to start building a smart home. A colleague of mine who has lots of experience and even writes a blog about smart home has recommended me to take a look at openHAB. openHAB is an open-source IoT platform that is capable of integrating various standards and devices and…

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Update CrashPlan on a QNAP NAS with Docker

Some time ago I installed Crashplan on my QNAP NAS with Docker. As in the meantime there were a lot of updates available for all moving parts, it was certainly time to update. What a scary idea! Much to my delight, the update went very smooth and CrashPlan works properly as expected. The update…

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Running CrashPlan on a QNAP NAS with Docker

Recently I wanted to run Crashplan Online Backup on my QNAP NAS. First, I installed CrashPlan through the package provided in the QNAP AppStore and it worked well for about half a month. Then an unexpected power outage of the NAS left the CrashPlan service broken. I could not find a way to get the…

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