Changeability in Software Architectures

One common theme popping up in projects is that change is the only constant. Code changes, architecture changes, technology changes, requirements change and people change. But often, change comes at a high cost. Things were just not prepared for change because doing so would have imposed the costs…

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CloudFlare Integration

Recently, a friend of mine suggested to check out CloudFlare, a service to protect and accelerate websites. The most awesome part is: there is a free plan, which is quite supercharged! Have a look at the features overview to see what's already part of the free plan. Definitely enough for me to set…

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Mastering CSS

If you are like most programmers, you don't think of CSS as a programming language. It's a description language, it describes the look of elements on a website. While developing your next super-cool web application you describe the visuals using CSS and it feels like you are writing a book instead…

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Hello! You are just reading my first blog post. I have thought about blogging for quite some time, but since have not found the time to do so. As I have recently finished some projects I now want to start this blog as a new project of mine. Purpose of this blog With this blog I want to share and…

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