Fix Git Line Feeds on Windows Forever

In my day-to-day workflow, I frequently use a cygwin shell on Windows, namely Babun. As you might imagine, shell scripts with Windows line endings \r\n are simply no good at all: $ ./ bash: ./ /bin/sh^M: bad interpreter: No such file or directory $ ./ ./ line…

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Building a Living Style Guide with Brunch

Living style guides are a wonderful way to document and develop living style guides. There are a number of frameworks and frontend build systems that can be used to setup a project for a living style guide. In the meantime I have built quite a number of living style guides and have since found a…

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How to Develop a Living Style Guide

Living style guides are a very powerful tool to write clean SCSS code. They simplify the design and implementation of reusable components. On top, you have a very consistent and easy to test style for the web application(s) using the style guide. In fact, a style guide is so easy to develop that I…

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Adding JSON-LD to a Personal Website

Structured data is a standard to help search engines understand the semantic content of a website. Structured data defines a vocabulary telling search engines what the content of your website is about and providing them with additional data in a structured manner to reduce the assumptions made…

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Update CrashPlan on a QNAP NAS with Docker

Some time ago I installed Crashplan on my QNAP NAS with Docker. As in the meantime there were a lot of updates available for all moving parts, it was certainly time to update. What a scary idea! Much to my delight, the update went very smooth and CrashPlan works properly as expected. The update…

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