Nice to meet you! My name is Fabian Keller and I am a software engineer.

I love to craft digital experiences that run and thrive in the cloud. I share and teach what I have learned and am learning along the way.

cloud platforms // architecture // design systems // devops

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January 17, 2020 6 mins read

The Art of Writing Scripts for CI/CD

Writing scripts for continous integration/delivery (CI/CD) pipelines is often done as quick as possible in order to get the pipeline green (i.e. working as expected). Often though, the good engineering practices we put into our applications are neglected for the CI/CD pipelines. When projects and code bases evolve over time this can easily become an error-prone maintenance nightmare that no one dares to touch. This blog post will show some ideas you can use to significantly improve the maintainability and robustness of any CI/CD pipeline setup.

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August 01, 2019 5 mins read

Relaunching my Website with an Agile Process

Previously, I ran my website with a PHP-based CMS on a shared host and since quite some time I wanted to port it to a static site generator and serve it off of AWS S3. Finally, I found the time to do it. This post summarizes what and why I did my website as it is now, and what process and tools I used to achieve it. Setting the Goal With my old website running on Kirby CMS for years I had to maintain a shared host that runs it, and have Cloudflare setup to have improved loading times.

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May 23, 2019 3 mins read

Configuring a Different SSH Key per Git Repository

SSH keys are a very convenient and secure way to authenticate with Git servers such as GitHub. I used to use a single SSH key for the few private repositories I had, but in the meantime I have accumulated quite a number of SSH keys. Having different SSH keys for different purposes (e.g. personal keys and keys used for client work) makes it simpler for me to organize and rotate keys.

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